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Diabetes Supplies Services

If you have diabetes life means making diabetes more manageable and life more enjoyable.We deliver your diabetes supplies right to your door—with free shipping and a No-Risk Guarantee. And we give you the tools and resources you need to stay healthy:

  • Home delivery of diabetes supplies for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Free Shipping and No-Risk Guarantee
  • No Medicare claim forms to fill out
  • Real answers from diabetes professionals
  • Personalized support, including reminders to reorder
  • Free blood glucose monitors

We bill Medicare for all your diabetes supplies and have it delivered to your door Free Of Charge

How does our program work?

We deliver diabetes testing supplies and prescriptions right to your door. We fill out your claim forms and bill Medicare and your supplemental insurance company for you. We also connect you to pharmacists and diabetes professionals. So help is always there when you need it.
What testing supplies are covered under Medicare?
  • Blood glucose meters and meter batteries
  • Test strips
  • Lancing devices and lancets
  • Control solution
  • Hemoglobin A1c tests

What advantages do we offer over other providers?

We delivers the diabetes testing supplies and prescriptions you need directly to your home—promptly and on a regular schedule. You'll save time, avoid lines and extra driving trips and enjoy the privacy of home delivery. If you have questions, a pharmacist is always just a phone call away. You call us at 866-699-8239

Do I pay anything extra for your services?

You pay no membership fees, up-front costs or shipping charges for diabetes testing supplies. And you don't wait for reimbursement.

How do I get started?

Just print the required forms online, complete and mail to our office with a copy of your Medicare card. Our diabetes specialist will do the rest. Our office contacts your physician for the supplies and you will receive your supplies promptly shortly after. It’s simple and secure !